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Frequently Asked Questions on Remote IT Support:

What are Remote IT Support & Services?

Remote IT Support Services from ACCESSYSTEM® IT Solution & Services put all of the technical assistance, diagnostics, and issues resolution right at your fingertips whenever you need it. When you contact Remote IT Support, you’ll be immediately and directly connected with a Indian-based support professional who can help you troubleshoot problems, configure hardware or software, or even connect to your PC/Computer/Laptop/Desktop/Server and fix it for you. It’s a 24x7 helpdesk dedicated to you.

Why should I use Remote IT support instead of hiring my own personnel?

In todays’ IT landscape, technologies change at a frightening pace. It’s hard for a Company to stay current on everything you use day-to-day, face emerging security threats, and keep systems running smoothly. And the more competitive you want to be in the market, the more strain it puts on your IT resources at an ever increasing cost. Ongoing training, upgrades, patches, user provisioning, and other common tasks could easily consume additional people, and that’s without considering new innovations that will drive your business forward. Letting ACCESSYSTEM® Remote IT Support & Services handle the minutia for you will free up your time, capital, and IT stress to focus on activities more meaningful to your bottom line.

Why not use a local service provider?

Regional service providers (such as solution partners or local value-added resellers) can sometimes find it difficult to maintain a breadth of coverage across PC/Computer/Laptop/Desktop/Server, Applications/Software, and other peripherals. They frequently have to specialize in only a few areas, or else be as broad as possible yet knowingly lack appropriate depth. This is particularly true in regions that are not technology centers themselves, where there isn’t sufficient business opportunity to operate a 24x7 service desk that is current on relevant tools and products; and if they can, it may be at a significant price premium. Working with ACCESSYSTEM® Remote IT Support gives you the best of both worlds—cost-effective helpdesk right when you need it, and the backing of highlytrained professionals close at hand.

What kinds of things can Remote IT Support help me with?

Your office depends on more than just PCs. You have printers, network routers, firewalls, fax machines, mobile devices, business applications, and server infrastructure. You need a support service that can handle the breadth of products and technologies you’ve deployed. Remote IT Support from ACCESSYSTEM® not only covers these and more, but can help with the deployment and maintenance of critical processes such as backup / recovery, software installation, PC security, patching, upgrades, and optimization. Plus, as your needs grow, ACCESSYSTEM® will be there to support you, including services for Web hosting, cloud storage, content management systems, hardware troubleshooting, and IP telephony.

How much will Remote IT Support Services cost?

ACCESSYSTEM® IT Solution & Services provides flexible service pricing designed to fit your work style and your budget. Choose from recurring (subscription-based for $19.99/device/month) or per-incident programs ($49.99/call to $149.99/call, depending on the nature of the support request). Choose the right option for your business need by consultanting ACCESSYSTEM®.

What happens if my network goes down?

IT systems can sometimes be unpredictable, which is why constant monitoring and support are critical. With Remote IT Support from ACCESSYSTEM®, you’ll have a technician available 24/7 to help you troubleshoot issues, recommend fixes, and advise on hardware repair or replacement if necessary. (Note, however, that physical hardware repair and replacement costs are not covered as part of your Remote IT Support subscription.)

Will Remote IT Support help with mobile devices, too?

Yes! We can guide your users through email configuration, Wi-Fi setup, Bluetooth pairing, or desktop synchronization with a mobile device (through the remote control agent). We’re ready to help you deploy software to devices, set profiles, and answer users’ questions.

What platforms (hardware, software, operating systems) will Remote IT support?

Our technicians are trained to work with the systems that move your business. This includes Intel / AMD architectures, PC / laptop / server machines, tablets and smartphones, office peripherals (printers, copiers, fax), network infrastructure (routers, hubs, wireless, firewalls), and more. Whether you’re using all Windows or Mac, Android or iOS, or cloud, we’ll find the best solution to your problem. And we can support your enterprise applications, too, including email, InfiDux CRM / ERP, and Databases.

What if I can’t hang around while the service is performed?

Not a problem. ACCESSYSTEM® technicians can walk you through problem resolution 1:1, or handle it for you completely through remote-control capabilities (depending on the nature of the incident). With “walk-away” support, you can leave while the technician connects to your desktop or server remotely, and then return when the work is finished.

If a remote technician is connecting to my PC, what assurances and protection do I have regarding my proprietary information?

While a remote technician is working on your PC, you’ll be able to see every management action taken. You can retake control at any point, or disconnect the remote session entirely. All support sessions are secured using 256-bit SSL encryption. Once either your or our support technician disconnects the session, all remote management software (agents) is automatically uninstalled and our team will no longer be able to access your devices without completing the access and permission procedure once more.

Does this make sense if I only have a few computers in my office?

With our flexible subscription offerings, ACCESSYSTEM® Remote IT Support has a plan that will fit your needs. If your office is fairly light on technical requirements—and you just want the peace of mind that comes with world-class support whenever you need it—then a per-incident model may be your ideal choice. If you have systems with a bad habit of needing frequent tweaks, then an annual subscription for those might be better. You can work with your dedicated account manager to find which plan—or a mix of both—will suit your business. And if your needs change down the road, your account manager will help you adjust the plan accordingly.

What if my organization has hundreds—or even thousands—of systems?

ACCESSYSTEM® is one of the best IT Solution & Service providers since 2006. We have deep expertise in operating large-scale environments. So whether you have specific needs for selected systems, or seek a generalized support contract, your account manager will identify your requirements and build a plan tailored for you.

Will ACCESSYSTEM® Remote IT Support Service make my IT environment more secure?

Your subscription includes support for PC maintenance and security configuration (not applicable to per-incident plans). We’ll scan your machines for malware, configuration errors, unwanted software and other threats to help make sure your environment is operating smoothly. We’ll also help you speed up a slow PC or free up needed disk space by cleaning up unused programs, files, and folders. Plus, you’ll get support for firewall configuration, security software deployment (such as anti-virus), network optimization, and other methods for locking down your IT infrastructure.

How do I get started?

Contact our Sales Team to learn more and choose a right service plan to customize a support offering matching your business’s needs with simplified and affordable subscription or per-incident pricing.


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